IPMS Durban

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IPMS Durban History

IPMS Natal was founded in 1970 by Errol Cole who was joined by about eight other enthusiastic modellers, amongst whom were Thierry de Brugada and Dave Becker, the former being the only remaining active member together with Errol Cole from the original foundation membership.

Initially IPMS Natal was birthed as the South African Scale Modellers Society (S.A.S.M.S.) to cater for all modellers no-matter the medium of materials employed in the construction of models. An emphasis was however placed upon the plastic kit medium and as such they soon became affiliated to IPMS UK.

In the immediate years that followed S.A.S.M.S. became IPMS Natal with branches in Pinetown and Pietermaritzburg and thereafter became part of the collective body of IPMS RSA together with Lowveld and Johannesburg. As time passed Pietermaritzburg faded from the scene and Pinetown became amalgamated with the Durban branch so as to more beneficially serve the membership of IPMS Natal.

In past years IPMS Natal has participated in many public exhibitions with great success (the most notable being a display depicting Pearl Harbour upon the premier of the film "Tora, Tora" in 1971) and has proudly hosted four National Championship Competitions, the most recent being in 1996.

From the year of its inception, IPMS Natal has successfully convened and held the annual local M.O.Y. Competition (the singular exception being in 1975) at which floating trophies and prizes have been available for award in all the categories of plastic modelling.

IPMS Natal in its earlier years produced a magazine entitled "The Natal Modeller" which eventually grew in stature to become the "The IPMS RSA Magazine" which prevailed for about four years before financial restraints unfortunately intervened and the project had to be shelved in favour of directing a more necessary emphasis upon the activities for the local membership of IPMS Natal.


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